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We have a certain chemistry

We appreciate that water treatment and its accompanying legislation can seem highly technical and confusing. Our approach is to make life easy for you by taking care of all the science and legal requirements and presenting you with simple solutions that work.

Invicta Water Treatment is run by Stefan Massingham MSc, who graduated from Birmingham University in 1993 with a degree in chemistry and has worked ever since in the water industry, gaining experience in a range of sectors from sewage treatment to off-shore platforms. Stefan combines an expert knowledge of water chemistry and water regulations with an aptitude for observing and assessing problems and coming up with practical solutions.

Every water-related problem that gets referred to IWT receives Stefan’s attention. He will then follow a scientific methodology to solve it for you:

  1. Gather information
  2. Make an informed decision
  3. Implement the solution

Gathering information is key to what we do. The more complete a picture we can form of your water needs, the better the solution we can provide. We enjoy strong relationships with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, particularly hotels, sports clubs, food and drink suppliers and pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers, and we are also experts in the treatment of private borehole water.

Brands we service

Valve heads: Autotrol, Clack, Fleck, Siata

Pumps: Calpeda, Dab, Grundfos, Lowara, Well Pumps

UV systems: Aquafine, Hanovia, Sterilight, Trojan, Van Remmen

Dosing: Alldos, Aqua Water Systems, AWE, Prominent, Seko

General: Euraqua, Ferex, Herco, Keraflo, Herco

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