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Treatment for private water supplies

Invicta Water Treatment specialises in the treatment of water from boreholes and other private water supplies. 

Having your own private water supply is an asset but it comes with a duty of care. Since 2009 the regulations governing private water supplies have got tougher and a number of owners have been served notice under section 80 of the Water industry Act 1991, due to the local authority deeming their water a ‘potential danger to human health’.

borehole water from your own private water supply

We have developed our own proven technologies that give you a complete solution from source to tap, producing water that runs clean and clear and meets all the Health & Safety standards.

If you are already using a private water supply that you are unsure about, or you have been served with a section 80 or regulation 18 notice, we can carry out an analysis of your water and design a solution that will resolve any issues.




Borehole Water FAQs

How is your private water treatment special?

We have worked closely with local authorities and we have a thorough understanding of the legislation governing private water supplies. As a result, we have been able to design our own technologies that don’t rely on off-the-peg solutions and have been proven to comply every time.

Do you offer a sampling service?

Yes. We will come and take samples of your private water supply, carry out a thorough analysis and provide a quote for a suitable treatment system.

My water’s discoloured. Can you fix it?

Yes. We have developed proven processes that remove impurities and contamination from naturally sourced water to make it clean 

For peace of mind about your private water supply

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