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Keeping your water systems working

Water treatment installations need regular servicing and monitoring for two reasons:

  1. To ensure they are doing the job they were designed to do and delivering water that meets the HSE hygiene standards.
  2. To save money by ensuring equipment is running at maximum efficiency and eradicating any problems before they result in costly damage.

Water Engineer maintaining system on service contact

We offer service contracts to support every installation we carry out, so we can cover the essential maintenance work that you can’t do yourself. Our service contracts are individually tailored to each client’s needs. As a guide, for water hygiene you might need us to visit once a month, take samples quarterly and carry out a tank inspection every six months. 

This could include water sampling and temperature monitoring to ensure your water meets the ACOP L8 hygiene standard, servicing your machinery to make sure it’s running efficiently and to extend its useful working life, or both. We service all the major water treatment brands and use the latest technology to test the quality of your water.

Service Contracts FAQs

Why do I need IWT to service my water treatment system?

In short, compliance and cost saving. Water supplies need to be regularly monitored by qualified experts to ensure they meet the Health and Safety standards. And water treatment equipment is not cheap: the longer you can keep it running and the more efficiently it works, the more cost-effective it becomes. We can identify potential problems early and pinpoint the source of existing problems, often saving clients thousands in unnecessary replacements.

What will and IWT service contract cost me?

We don’t set a fixed price for our service contracts. Each one is designed to suit the client and priced accordingly. We will discuss your service needs in detail and agree a price plan that you are happy with.

What equipment do your service contracts cover?

We look after all types of mechanical equipment used in the control of water quality, such as water softeners, reverse osmosis machines, filters, pumps and valves. We also clean tanks and pipes, removing scale and debris that can drastically reduce efficiency. Here is a list of the brands we regularly service:

Valve heads: Autotrol, Clack, Fleck, Siata

Pumps: Calpeda, Dab, Grundfos, Lowara, Well Pumps

UV systems: Aquafine, Hanovia, Sterilight, Trojan, Van Remmen

Dosing: Alldos, Aqua Water Systems, AWE, Prominent, Seko

General: Euraqua, Ferex, Herco, Keraflo, Herco

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