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Pre-commissioning for new buildings

Before the wet systems in any new construction can go online, they must be pre-commissioned in accordance with the BSRIA guidelines. We are familiar with these guidelines and can offer a fast, efficient pre-commissioning service that includes:

  • Flush
  • Chemical clean
  • Rinse
  • Chemical dosing
  • Measurement

We also offer a highly sought-after flushing and cleaning service for existing buildings, specially developed to be implemented without taking the water system off-line. This is particularly useful in office buildings, where a floor is being fitted out for a new tenant. It is a legal obligation to carry out a flush and clean of the circuit for that floor before reconnecting it to the building’s main system. We will carry out that flush and clean in full compliance with the guidelines, so that you can proceed without delay.


Construction Water Treatment FAQs

For commissioning water systems in new or existing buildings

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