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Water for use in manufacture

The manufacturing industry requires water in many different forms. Some want the minerals taken out, others want treatments added. Many industries require both. Invicta Water Treatment will look at your specific requirements and design a solution that delivers the water you need wherever you need it. Typical applications include:

  • Filtration to avoid blockages and scale building up
  • De-ionisation via reverse osmosis to produce pure H20
  • Chemical dosing for water hygiene and Legionella control

water engineer in manufacturing

We have extensive experience of Legionella control with regard to cooling towers. There has been a resurgence in the use of cooling towers due to their relatively low energy consumption but they are very closely regulated to prevent Legionella outbreaks such as the one in Renfrew in August 2013. The water used must be properly treated in order to prevent any threat to public health in the vicinity of the facility and the penalties for failing to do so are severe. We will ensure that your cooling towers are safe and fit for purpose, in accordance with the HSE guidelines and legislation.

Manufacturing Water Treatment FAQs

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