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We provide a very straightforward service for pre-commissioning new water systems in accordance with the BSRIA guidelines. The tougher challenge faces facilities managers in older buildings such as hotels or office blocks, where systems need flushing and cleaning after years of neglect.

Often the first sign you have that your water system needs cleaning is when a component such as a heating or cooling unit stops working. The first instinct may be to replace the unit, but if it’s a blockage in the pipes or valves that’s causing the problem, spending money on new components won’t help.

We have developed a chemical flushing and cleaning system that works gently to remove corrosion and debris from water systems without damaging them. What’s more, it can be carried out without taking your system offline, so there is no disruption to your normal service. The benefits are clean, efficient, trouble-free systems that save you money in running costs, maintenance and the unnecessary replacement of expensive parts.

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Flushing & Pre-Comm FAQs

How long will my system have to shut down for?

Unless you have serious contamination in your water system that requires bio-washing or intensive iron or scale removal, you may not have to shut down at all. We’ve developed an in-line treatment system that minimises disruption and shutdown times and we will always phase our work to fit around your peak times.

Do I need a discharge license?

Yes. It is a criminal offence to discharge foul water to the sewer without a discharge consent license.

How much water will flushing and cleaning use?

Traditional water treatments can consume significant volumes of water. However, there are low-volume flushing technologies available, which we can use. We will advise you as to the best method in your particular case.

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