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New Website For 2014

Mar 09, 2014

Finally the new website is up. It has been refreshed with a firm focus on our science driven service to all our clients. We have added a new client area in which we can upload all pertinent information so our clients can download and access all their reference data easily. Please just email us so that we can set it up for you. If you have any requests let us know!

All the recent rain has affected many boreholes in the south. Normally clean chalk boreholes have been silting up and filtration systems and pumps have ground to a halt. We have serviced several systems and trained owners how to change their filters. If you need your water treatment system servicing or need some training let us know.

Now its spring don't forget to start thinking about getting service contracts sorted out so cover is in place. Its easy to forget to now the sunshine is here!

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