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Apr 12, 2014

The month started off with IWT being contracted to remediated a contaminated borehole at the Spring Inn. The water was condemned by the local council due to faecal contamination as a result all the rain we have had. We cleaned out the borehole manhole and fitted a sump pump pump to remove any runoff. As with a lot of borehole system we have been asked to rectifiy the existing filtration equipment was incorrectly designed and specified. the iron removal filter was too large and a softener was fitted on the drinking water supply. Thwe problem with this is that the softener, while reducing scale, increases the sodium beyond the drinking water limits. We fitted a new treatment system and a new UV unti with UV meter. We cleaned all the roof tanks and disinfected all pipework.

Our next big job was to clean a 70,000 litre irrigation tank that had a lot of sludge in it. While we were draining the tank we found a 6" long fish swimming around! Thats up there with a frog we found in a clients drinking water pipe!

And finally just to be different we cleaned and disinfected a cooling tower near Gatwick Airport. Inbetween times we are out every day sorting out water treatment and water quality problems. So if you are bothering reading all this stuff, thank you. We take water seriously and have fun doing it!

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