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Student Lets Private Water

Sep 17, 2014

The old Adult Education Centre at Green Street, Gillingham, has recently been converted from a tired old building into a state-of-the-art eco building for students. The owner and viosionary, John Gauld, commissioned Invicta Water to designa nd build the private water supply, the treatment and strorage system, and the pump set. Within a couple of months we have a comprehensixe system in place compliant with WRAS standards.

We take borehole water from 60 m, filter and chlorinate it and store it in a sectional 18,000 litre tank. We have a mains water back-up. the water is then boosted through a triplex inverter controlled pump set. It sounds simple but there were many obstacles to overcome. The tank design was novel as we have no ball float valves, which caused a headache for the designers whio are used to mains only water tanks. The pump set would not fit through the passage ways so it had to be fully disassebled then reassembled. None of the walls were straight, and some crumlbed when drilled, so we had to Unistrut frame the plant room. Any way, it all fitted in and it works!

The site also has plenty of PV and a chip-fed biomass boiler, along with layer-after-kayer of insulation, underfloor heating and air-exchange system.

I remember when I was a student with slugs on the walls....

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