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Feb 01, 2015

Invicta Water have designed and built their own reverse osmosis system to purify borehole water. The RO system can be used on all types of water due to its robust design, and filters upto 99% of impurities from the feed water, using pressures below 10 bar. Its easy to set-up and control, with built-in failsafes.

We have been buying in several imported compact RO units over the last few years, however they are all quite limited in operation and functionality. The final straw came last year when one unit failed to perform even after 3 new controllers were sent by the manufacturer. One of our very good customer's had a look at the electrics and concluded it did not meet even 17 Ed or some British Standards, so back it went to the importer. This was the catalyst to design and build our own unit.

Well, just like our approach to our projects, the reverse osmosis unit is well designed and (over!) engineered but still met a (very) tight budget. The unit meets 17 Ed with proper motor contactor and contactor relays with its own RCD and MCB. This protects the operator and the equipment correctly. All items are IP rated, and we even have digital flow meters with totaliser functions, and we can even control external systems from the same board. All these extras cannot be found on the usual UK product offerings, or even the imports. The unistrut frame its built on is bullet-proof, and easily modified to add extra components, and the back board is proper 9 mm polypropylene not just the usual 3 mm stuff. The pipework is held on with bolted rubber lined clips not just clipped in open clips, so it does not rotate.

The design did take sometime to evolve, and we researched what was on the UK market, and looked at ways to improve the design at the price point. We did this and managed to keep well inside the budget.

Now that we have developed this RO we can say that all our water treatment systems are truly designed and built according to our designs. Our borehole filters may use commonly available parts but we set up the media and pumps accroding to scientific principal. We don't blindly follow what the manufacturer or importer tells us or advertised in their blurb.

One consequence of this is that our robust approach is appreciated by our clients. Recently the DWI inpected one of private water supplies and were impressed by its design and operation. The system in question is controlled by a sophisticated controller which we can operate from smart phones. It has built in data logging, alarms and we can reprogramme it easily. It has built-in expandability and we recently added level controls for a very large reservoir. This will save numerous sercvice visits and save chemicals.

If you need a cost-effective innovative approach to water treatment you need to call us.

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