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Pre-Comm Flush & Clean at Royal Pharmaceutical Society HQ

Mar 15, 2015

Invicta Water Treatment secured the contract to complete the pre-comm flush and clean at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society HQ.

Working under the M&E contractor IWT had to flush the heating system at short notice. Sounds simple, but the system was still being completed when we turned up so we had to use our own pumps, and had to develop a method to overcome some of the shortcomings of the design. This heating system was an amalgamation of an old core with new floors runnning off them. We based our work on the latest BSRIA methods, but due to the limitation of the pipework we had to adapt to achieve the best results with what was there.

After the initial dynamic flush we had to clean the system twice with high strength cleaner, even adding more heat than usual. This lifted a lot of old corrosion out, however with limited flushing water the lighter debris was still circulating, so we fitted a side stream filter to polish this material out.

The final treated water was very clear and colourless with some background dissolved iron.

Our inhouse chemist and process engineer was onsite during the flush ready to alter the method as necessary. This saves time and gives the client every confidence in our service.

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